5 ways to drag your website into 2011

For the past week I’ve been redesigning my website. Not another renovation but a total knock down and rebuild. Imagine me driving a virtual bulldozer through a digital fibro cottage.

My old website was only about six years old, but my, things have changed in that time!

During the process I’ve identified ‘5 key features’ that differentiate a  ‘current’ website from an ‘old’ website. These apply whether you are ‘Jo the plumber’ or a huge multinational corporation.

1) More Changes. Website 1 was created and then, like most sites, just sat there like a pudding. Minor modifications were made on an Ad Hoc basis. Website 2 will have a monthly addition in the form of AdNotes. Google likes changes.

2) More Movement. Website 1 only ever had a few videos. Website 2 has dozens of videos. This reflects better the work that we do now. It’s also just easier and more interesting for visitors to the site. AND Google likes video.

3) More Youtube. To be fair, I don’t think Youtube even existed six years ago. But it does now, so all my videos sit in YouTube land, giving potential customers two chances to find my offering.

4) Same Keywords. Yes, still important. But just as important is writing compelling copy for humans. Website 2 has fewer pages of copy, the copy is shorter and hopefully it’s more helpful.

Another aside: I Googled ‘copywriting’ today. The number 2 entry was for a man whose book I’ve read. It was one of the sloppiest pieces of crap I’ve ever paid money for. Dozens of typos, spelling mistakes, and a chapter (I repeat, a WHOLE CHAPTER) accidently printed twice in the same book.

So Google ranking is not automatically a sign of quality.

5) Less puff. People don’t have time to read it and no one believes it. I tried to keep the copy simple, plain and where possible, fun. I’ve left out the “evidenced-based methodology combined with an applied understanding of behavioral factors” as much as possible.

There you have it. 5 key features to really make your website work with Google AND real people. Does your company have them? Do you think I’ve used them properly? Have a look

- When it comes to your company website, less talk and more movement will put you ahead of the competition - no matter how big you are.

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